Our "Why"

Home Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals and communities by focusing on their strengths. Our mission is to revolutionize people’s lives by helping them discover and operate within their strengths and to overcome barriers to their success.

The Seven Pillars of MCT:

Some of Our “What”

We are Called to Make Difference

Strengthen Families

Strengthen challenged children/youth and their families through our Wraparound-style “Success First” program

Enhance Lives

Enhance the lives of children and families of the Rim of the World Unified School District to reach their full potential through cutting edge psychological services

Continuous Improvement

Establish objective outcomes and continuous improvement system for MCT services and activities

Build Community Through Service Fellowships

Recruit and coach volunteers who believe what we believe to serve in our Community and Youth Service Fellowship programs

Mentor Future Leaders

Mentor interns and volunteers to further their careers, serve their communities, and expand the impact of the MCT vision

Model Innovation

Use the most appropriate and innovative technology (e.g. Telehealth, Task management software) to further service efficiency, effectiveness, and impact

Assist Students

Identify and develop students’ abilities through strengths-based outreach and promotion services in our “Student Assistance Program”

Strengthen Parents

Provide parents with cutting-edge strategies to raise amazing kids