Program Coordinator

About Dylan McKelroy

Meaningful Purpose: Joining MCT means being part of a team that genuinely helps people improve their lives. I have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being and personal growth of clients, making a significant difference in their mental health journeys.

Critical Thinking: Capacity to analyze information, evaluate alternatives, and make informed decisions. Creativity: Ability to think outside the box, generate novel ideas, and approach challenges with innovative solutions. Empathy: Skill in understanding and sharing the feelings of others, leading to effective communication and support.

Advocate INFJ-T

BA Psychology/ Masters Counseling Psychology-In progress

About MCT

We Build a Healthy Community

Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc. (MCT) has approximately 20 staff members working full-or part-time to support the success of kiddos and their families who are facing serious emotional disturbance in the Rim of the World service area

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