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About Hannah Littrel

I an advocate for HOPE. Just because no one else can heal or ‘fix’ you, or do your inner work for you does not mean you should or need to do it alone. Find your tribe and discover your purpose in this life at your pace. My family and friends have been the building block, the clay, and inspiration to for myself to form. I attribute all that I am to their love, guidance, support, and influence. Others take pride from it or fear weakness from going through experiences alone.

“It’s a lesson I have learned over and over, but it bears repeating: No one achieves anything alone.” From the great fictional character Leslie Knope.

  • Achiever
  • Learner
  • Woo
  • Responsibility
  • Relator
  • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology at Grand Canyon University, in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • She is also a delightfully ceaseless scholar and inquiring mind that enjoys earning more degrees in various fields of study. Such as social work, community advocacy, administration of justice, human development, anthropology, sociology, criminal justice, and forensic psychology.

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Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc. (MCT) has approximately 20 staff members working full-or part-time to support the success of kiddos and their families who are facing serious emotional disturbance in the Rim of the World service area

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